Meet our team

Margus Arvisto

Attorney-at-Law / Partner

Margus mostly specialises in commercial and company law, public procurements, mergers and acquisitions, contract law, real right and property law, administrative law, judicial and arbitration proceedings, tax law, trademarks and intellectual property. Margus has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 1998.
Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian

Martin Lepp

Attorney-at-Law / Partner

Martin joined Law Office Arvisto & Partners in 2007. He has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2007. Martin specialises in commercial law, contract law, administrative law, public procurement, construction law and judicial and arbitration proceedings.
Languages: Estonian and English

Mai Ormus

Office Manager

Mai has worked with Law Office Arvisto & Partners from the day the company was established and is always around to take care of the everyday work of the office. Mai is also responsible for information exchange within the office, support services and administrative issues in the office.
Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian

Attorney’s career

We do believe that an attorney must be able to work at a high technical legal level while being pragmatic and focused on finding solutions. We advise our clients on legal matters, explain the nature of legal acts, draw up contracts and documents, represent or defend our clients both during pre-trial proceedings and in court, represent our clients in administrative bodies for the purposes of communication with third parties and can conduct any legal proceedings to serve the interests of our clients.

Our values

We focus on the provision of practical and innovative legal services that help our clients become successful in their specialties. Commitment to understanding the specifics of our clients’ businesses is important for the provision of legal services – both business and management aspects are equally important. Our client can rest assured – we are always around to help.

About the office

Law Office Arvisto & Partners was established in 2003. We strive to offer our clients legal services in the best possible way, by creating and maintaining strong relations with our clients. We adopt a professional approach to legal issues, focusing on the needs of our clients. We are grateful to our clients, team members and partners who have all contributed to the achievement of common goals.

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